Jayce Pearse

Honor-Bound Friend/Servant of Feng


AC: 14
HP: 24
Dual Daggers
Description: A half-orc who stands 5’8 tall and possesses an average frame. He wears a wide-brimmed hat tipped with a feather and a cloak draped off of its sides. The hat is commonly tilted downwards to obscure his eyes, of which he is missing one. He wears a long black cloak that is frayed at the end. Under this black cloak, he wears a high-quality studded leather armor. While out of combat, Jayce wears clothes befitting of a noble man. He takes the cloak off of his hat, and tilts the hat to the side to obscure the eye. He wears a leather doublet and black breeches, with leather shoes. He has mostly-human facial features, save for some pronounced tusks.


Jayce is the son of the owner of one of the most expensive inns in Holrend, The Student’s Loan. As a kid, he rarely left the scholar’s district, always being keen to reading and studying on new magical theories. Many at this time believed that Jayce would join the university and become a scholar for a nice life. As Jayce grew, he began to leave the scholar’s district which had been his entire world before this. The more he left, the different he was when he came back. He stopped reading as much and he stopped dutifully following his father’s orders. After years of doing this, he was asked to duel, publicly, by a Remerian traveler. Jayce accepted the duel to salvage his honor, but was defeated. At this point, he had squandered his opportunity to join the university, and went under his dad’s wing to become an innkeeper. He then joined the Holresian Trade League, per his dad’s orders.

On (TIME PERIOD), the party had returned to Holrend after a dangerous journey out into the Wastes. A few members of the party had taken to chosing to stay at the inn he and his father owned. When Feng entered, Jayce noticed the sigil on his shield, and immediately showed disgust. Feng challenged Jayce to a duel in which he accepted. They left the inn to begin the duel in the streets out in the rain. The fight began with Feng getting a good hit on Jayce, which Jayce counterattacked with a strike that amazed the crowd and duelists alike. In one fellswoop, Jayce took out one of his own eyes, and one of Feng’s eyes. Jayce took himself to a hospital as Feng laughed. It was at the hospital where Jayce and Feng began to reconcile their differences, and before the party left Holrend to kill the weird goat monster, Jayce joined up.

After a few hours of travel with nothing interesting happening, the party, and Jayce, returned back to Rockjail, the decimated Terran town. While some of the party went to activate the Terran Golems, Judge and Jayce searched for survivors. They found the route the goat had gone, and followed its trail downwards, emptying out into a large, bridged ravine. The party engaged the goat and began attacking it. Eventually, Jayce was almost tossed off an edge, but quickly saved by Feng. Jayce and Feng did a double-pronged attack to little success, only to be saved by Erin, who fell from a floor above, and sent the goat plummeting down 12 floors. It survived and began collapsing down the ravine. The party made it to end of the ravine to escape, only to confront the goat one last time. As the party assaulted the goat with varying levels of success, they led it into an open spot. Jayce leaped onto it from one floor above, and plunged his daggers into leaving it heavily wounded. As the goat was about to help Fassad meet his maker, Jayce threw one of daggers ending the beast.

After this they returned to town, heavily wounded. Erin mentioned that she had heard word of a very strange healer who doesn’t use magic and also heals for free. They made their way there and encountered Barimir, who was happy enough to help them. After Jayce’s bones were set in place, he took the free time to go sort out some home issues before they left Holrend for good, namely securing his dad’s caravan. When Jayce returned, they party had goten into a scuffle with some local Silver Snakes thugs. Jayec helped the party fight them and eventually fought their way out of Barimir’s alley. Jayce advised the group that it was prudent to leave as soon as possible before the Silver Snakes can retaliate. The party finally leaves Holrend and proceeds to Remeria, but not without some more dangerous encounters along the way.

When the party arrived at Remeria, they discovered the city was captured by former-slaves who were now rebelling against the previous owners. Feng was taken prisoner by the rebels and thrown into a prison. Jayce took the party aside when away from the guard and told them that they would break Feng out tonight. Later that night, the party gathered outside of the prison and blew a hole in the roof, and fought their way down. They rescued Feng, and returned him to the Holresian spy’s hide out. After this, Jayce stayed around in the hide out for a while, until the siege happened. After this, Jayce left the hide out, and the party hasn’t seen him since.

Jayce Pearse

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