Feng Romero

Second Born of House Romero


Weapon of choice: Shield

A foolhardy Half-Orc noble full of confidence, self importance and an unusually misplaced sense of honor. Lost his hand in a horrible wyvern riding accident


Feng grew up in the noble house Romero and was content living a life of leisure, but after hearing tales of his older sister’s adventures he grew restless. He could not shake the feeling of wanting more, not money, not power, but glory. Feng wanted to be remembered as a hero even if there was only one person telling his story to their children he could be happy; with this feeling he set off on a search for glory, doing whatever he could to spread his name through the hearts and minds of anyone willing to listen to a bards tale

He eventually left the comforts of his noble, home life to pursue a life of adventure and to hear his name upon the lips of people other than his own family. While out, he found himself in a contract with Erin, the Dean of History at the University of Holrend. She led him and the rest of the group into the Vasathros Peninsula, better known as the Red Wastes. By the time they made the first checkpoint, two of the mercenaries had died. Erin had a near-fatal wound at Old Riverholm, but was rescued by Feng and the rest of the party. They were then led to the location where she was leading them- a tomb of unknown architecture with a map. One of the marks placed on the spot they were.

Feng and the party realized that something had escaped the area and went to return to the city. Erin led them to a faster way out via a Terran city. They entered the city to find signs of forced entry and an abandoned city. They quickly found out however the city’s inhabitants were merely waited to ambush them to question Holrend’s mining. They mentioned how the stone felt angry about such mining and about how it was very old what they were touching. They arrested Erin til Feng and the party would explain everything. The questioning was by a Terran man named Granite. Granite, happy enough with their answers, released Erin and told them to all leave after resting. On the way back to Holrend, Feng got upset at Erin for not explaining any of the situation and being involved in this shady buisiness.

When he arrived at the city, they were paid by Erin for their work, and offered another job. The job was to go to other locations on that map and clear out each spot and to keep knowledge of it unknown. Feng not wanting to support this shady plot wanted to refuse, but the call of glory kept him to it. The rest of the party accepted and Feng headed to an inn with Fassad to rent some rooms for the night. While there, he became embroiled in a conflict with the current headsman of the inn, Jayce, over Feng’s nationality. They dueled in the streets outside of the inn and came to blows. The started in Jayce’s favor, but ended as soon as it begin with a dual strike from Jayce taking out of both one of Feng’s eyes and one of his own. After this they were both taken to a hospital to be treated for their wounds. While in the hospital, Feng laid there dreading the inaction. Soon after being placed in, he took himself out to stay with the party due to a sudden complication.

Erin had just recently gotten word from the citizens of the Terran city that something horrible came through. Feng and the party went to go investigate, but not before Jayce discharged himself and wished to accompany them, feeling he owed an oath of sorts to Feng. He allowed them to use his cart to travel faster. They arrived at the city to find it in complete destruction.

Feng Romero

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