Fassad Nazir



AC; 16
HP; 66
Weapon; Terran Stone Lance
Description; A large, 7ft tall muscular behemoth of a man. His face is clean-shaven and smooth, as he’s physically incapable of growing hair on his head. He’s rarely seen not wearing his armor. Sometimes, when no one’s looking, he shines his bald head to make it gleam and reflect sunlight, like a beacon of holy power.
Status; Deceased.


From the beginning, Fassad has lived in Asterly. He was born into a loving, rich noble family. He was given adequate schooling, and made quite a few friends. Six months after first entering school, he came home to find his parents were brutally murdered. There was not enough evidence to stage a formal investigation. As is tradition in Asterly, Fassad was taken in by the church, and was formally taught by the priests. Realizing he had a high aptitude for physical abilities, the priesthood took him out of the standard classes and trained him to be a paladin of their god, Zobona. They neglected to realize that Fassad was slightly dumber than they anticipated. Throughout his training, he became good friends with the head-priest. When Fassad was around 16, he fell in love with Roxane, an oracle from the same church. Two years later, they got married, and Roxane gave birth to a son named Mashal. 19 years later, when Fassad was 38, the head priest died a natural death, and was replaced with two newer priests. One year later, Fassad was sent on a prophecy that held the world in the balance. He ventured to Holrend, where he met and began adventuring with Feng and Judge. Together, they fought an unmistakably unnatural goat-monster, barely defeating it. They returned to Holrend, where they met and began traveling with Valok as well. They journeyed to a village outside Remeria, where they encountered and defeated a wyvern. They rested a few days before heading to Remeria. There, Fassad became a warlock to his own goddess. He died distracting the rebels sieging the castle, so Valok and Judge could escape

His final thoughts were a prayer, and an apology.

3/28/2016, Fassad died.

Fassad Nazir

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