Judges Little Notes V7

I think i might’ve killed a man with a giant block of ice today

Judges Little Notes V6

Welp i got stuck in a jail cell type thing i am unable to use my magic and we don’t age or need anything to survive so things are looking kinda bad but i trust my new friends will help……….i hope

Judges Little Notes v5

everyone from the original group is dead except me so thats something i got going.

Valok is nice at least and he is helping me save Rault but he said he most likely will lose his arm.

we have new members and ones a huge ass hat sure she might be wondering where her dead husband is but i wouldn’t lie to someone who has a dying child in his fucking arms and then say i know where a doctor is!

she is being kicked out of the town for causing a scene.

she is now stuck with us

i forgot why this path isn’t used everyday



Judges little notes v4

i have been looking for the scribes room for what seems to be months i doubt we will find it any time soon at least thats what i think. it seems that mosshand has realized i was disgruntled and has told me its been maybe about an hour i have an awful sense of time when i can’t see this time. this castle shall be my tomb

i left Feng with his father i think i don’t know whats in there but the dad should be in there i think.

i am going to steal the scribes shit so i can make a fucking book if i don’t find this room in about 5 minutes i swear.

thats it i’m taking the shit i don’t care if he needs it for whatever the fuck reason he needs it i need it more i have lost patience

Judges little notes v3

Today i forgave Vailok for throwing away my food because he has removed from what i could tell a curse.

Fang was arrested but we broke him out within the day i have decided to tell him my true name even though we are not truly friends i can trust him

Bjornmir the iron doctor went to the top level of the town and just left me here so i will return to try and learn what this magical staff can do

Feng's Journal 2
I'm so hungry

Ive been laying here for 2 days. Bahmir is working on something, i can’t see what. His slither toad is freaking me out, it just stares at me and coils around my legs. I’m so hungry, please somebody; Bahmir doesn’t look up for anything. I’m going to die…. oh god IT’S LICKING MY EAR!!!

Judges little notes v2

Today i read the mind of a mute and he is a asshole.

I will “allow” valok the chance to apologize when i get a potoo cat

jayce is going to help me steal some charcoal and it will be great for helping me gaing the power of a potoo cat.

Fassad said that Feng will be fine so today i will have a chance to ask him for help getting me 4 gold.

Jokane is a spy who works for the university maybe……because he only had the amulet but not the proper tools.

im going to ask the steel doctor how much a drake lily costs.

Feng's Journal

This party is…strange. The human with us barely seems to grasp the danger in most situations and the i cant read the…bull? He seems to do whatever he pleases and there’s no way to figure out what hes going to do next. Hes just as apt to cast a spell as to charge into a fight with no armor; respectable but idiotic. The other 2; scratch that 1 that have been hired seem to keep to themselves. Fine by me

Kol died today but not before coming back to life as a hulking abomination that threw me through a building and impaling me with a greatsword. That human might not be the brightest but i guess they train some damn good doctors in Asterly; I’ve never felt better in my life. The Minotaur “Judge” actually did something useful and found a way to open a couple of old safes; nothing of note in them though I am wondering who this Craig fellow was

The site we found had ghouls squatting in it, the corpses of the researchers must have attracted them. There was a strange sarcophagus and markings on what seemed to be a map of Arcus. Erin isn’t telling us whats actually going on. I don’t trust her.

We found the Terran city known as “Rock Jail.” We were ambushed and were almost thrown into what i can imagine is a jail cell meant for something smaller than I. The closest thing to a leader we were able to talk to was a Terran named Granite; why name your child after a rock? The city was invaded and attacked by a single being that managed to get to the center of the city, kill the last Dwarf, and leave without trouble; we’ll have to be careful leaving the mountain, I don’t know if i can fight something that strong.

We finally got to Holrend. An insane smith has given me new armor, i cannot find out whether or not he loves or despises Remeria. I had to defend the honor of Remaria against the mouthy son of an innkeeper. It was an act of fate; we both lost an eye in the duel, we have been blessed by Gruumsh. The innkeepers son has noticed this sign as well; he has pledged his loyalty to me. I will not take this boon lightly

The city was attacked again. We found Rock Jail completely destroyed by the same creature Granite said attacked it the day before. It was some strange goat man hybrid, it didn’t bleed and it had strength unimaginable I sacrificed myself thinking that maybe the others could run; very glad i didn’t succeed on that noble act. Jayce has proven himself to be much more skilled than i had initially perceived. I think I might have gotten off easy. We found our way into the armory and took a few items of worth. I’m not sure this is right but i doubt that the Terrans will miss a few weapons in all the commotion that has gone on the past few days.

Erin is hurt badly. We took her to a doctor in the slums of Holrend; he has a strange accent and even stranger garb. Facade seems terrified of him and I’m a bit skeptical myself but Erin seems fine and we all need to be patched up.

Jayce, Judge and I went into a dead forest looking for herbs to speed up Erin’s’ recovery, We found a lizard being harassed by those cultists from Furness, I attacked one of them as a distraction for the lizard, There were a lot more of them than I thought. Must be this damn missing eye. In the forest there was some strange old woman she flickered in and out of existence and cast some sort of spell on judge; he was convulsing in his sleep and didn’t wake up for a few hours; I was scared there for a minute.

So the lizard is actually some sort of dragon man. I guess those legends are true. this information isn’t going to help me sleep at night and neither is the knowledge that Judge killed his parents. I don’t know how to feel about this; Judge doesn’t seem to be the murdering type but….

There was a man who ran, or dare i say hobbled into the doctors hut today missing a leg when we went outside there was a street gang charging people for “protection” they wanted Facade to bow to them over a minor slight, I wasn’t about to let him swallow his pride for men like this. It was definitely a mistake; they were much more skilled than I had anticipated and they weren’t afraid no mater how severe the injury. Facade was kneecapped and his stomach was cut open; this is all my fault. Don’t die I don’t want a good man’s blood on my hands.

We had to leave the city quickly. Turns out that that gang was actually part of a crime syndicate that has the slums under they’re control. Facade is still unconscious and the doctor has some sort of deal going on with Erin; I don’t like it.

Facade is finally awake and seems reasonably angry with me over his missing leg. We were attacked by Worgs; Vaelok wants to keep the only survivor as a pet. Is he a complete lunatic, does he have any idea what those things do to people.

Facade is acting strange i have lost the ability to read him and he is obsessed with 3 cans of paint, I am very confused. Vaelok doesn’t seem to understand why the village folk want to kill the aggressive, child eating monster he has brought into town. The worg is dead; that’s a myriad of problems off of my plate.

We were attacked by the Silver Snakes last night. I have lost all patience for the men; they have lied to me, attacked me in my sleep, hurt my friend, and Vaelok HAS NO COMMON SENSE WHATSOEVER! I am sending a message to tell them that I’m going to tear them and their organization to pieces.

Were close to home; were at a logging town about a day away from Remeria. Bahmir said he saw something in a cave and needs us to kill it so he can get his herbs. The creature Bahmir saw is a type of dragon according to Vaelok. smaller than i imagined but still larger than anything I’ve ever fought. It flew into the air; I have no idea how high it fell from but everything hurts. Ive lost my good hand and Bahmir is saying something about replacing my rib cage. I should’t be alive this is surely divine intervention. God damnit.

Judges little notes

Feng somehow survived a fall from 300ish ft so i think he will be the one who should be leader.

Valok threw my good berries away awhile ago and has yet to say sorry.

bormir….barmir?……….Bjormirn……the iron doctor talked to me in my head today i will ask about that later.

making hide for feng as a “not falling to your death present” i hope he will like it

i will ask if the iron doctor would want anything from the “Lizard as he calls it”

the first step of obtaining the greatest Beast ever….A POTOO CAT! and also i might get ran out of the village soon as a side note.

This is why you should listen

So no one listened to me about dragon lore and almost died for it


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