The Black Jester ( Jack Vearic)

Retired Assassin who lives in Saul


AC: ??
HP: ??

Weapon: ????
Description: out of pure wanderlust he left his family he left Latix at 15 and went on an Adventure traveling the world as a hired assassin slowly making his way to Adamant resolve where he found out that his brother Odell had become a Blacksmith. He met a Half Orc Grask
and i will finish this later


(52) Darcy Vearic ( Father ) – still sleeping with everything he can put his dick in.
(34) Victor Vearic ( oldest brother) – Neither Odell, Jack, or Darcy have had Contact with him sense they left.
(32) Jack Vearic ( Middle Brother) – maw
(28) Odell Vearic ( Youngest Brother) – a Blacksmith for a few green knights.
(30) Joseline Vearic ( Wife of Jack) – The wife of jack who helped him along his travels.
(6) Vivienne Vearic ( Oldest daughter of Jack) – All they know of Jack is that he traveled and slew monsters for money until the decided to settle down in a remote far away in Saul.
(5) Athena Vearic ( Youngest daughter of Jack) Favorite child.

The Black Jester ( Jack Vearic)

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