Judge ( Crom Votir )

Random Adventurer


AC: 12
HP: 43
Weapon: Magic / War Axe
Description: A Half-Minotaur 8’0 in height. he is 25 years old and considered 16ish by Half-Minotaur. He worships no gods unless he has seen any , however he will speak of the last god someone told him to worship. has scars along his entire body and with orange eyes he is usually considered weird by many for not growing up understanding morals . he sometimes thinks about how he will envelope the world with the knowledge of the legendary wizard


After killing his parents he ran from home only to meet a goliath named Joseline while running to goldenleaf Joseline taught him how to take basic jobs and scrape by while there. then when it was time to leave Saul he traveled to and caught up with ? and met up with his current party

Has Gigantism

Final Height will be 11ft

Judge ( Crom Votir )

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